Eric and Dylan created many home videos, mostly for their video class with a classmate of theirs named Eric Veik.

Eric Veik stated that he first met Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in a video production class they had all taken together the previous semester. Harris was in the first hour class with Veik, and Klebold was in the same class during the second hour. Veik stated the teacher had pt the students in groups and given them assignments for video productions. In Veik’s group was Harris and Mike Vendengia. Klebold often joined their group in brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas for videos. Veik stated Klebold would often drop by their first hour class in order to talk with Harris. Veik stated there were three to four productions made. The features ran anywhere from five minutes up to twenty.

Interview With Mr. Long
The first video project was an interview with a teacher named Mr. Long. The video was to feature Mike Vendengia as the interviewer. Harris was not thrilled about the idea, so they decided to do a practice interview. In the practice interview, Harris pretended to be Mr. Long, and Vendengia was the interviewer. While the practice interview was being filmed, Harris made many side comments. In response ot the interviewer’s question about what kind of technology was used to keep the school computers safe, Harris replied, “I use a shotgun, I keep the old shotgun under the desk.” In response to the question about keeping up with growing technology, Harris replied, “I use drugs.” Klebold was not a part of this interview, nor was he a part of the next video which involved the car chase.

CHS Highway Patrol 
In a written statement by Veik, he included information about the car chase video. It was patterned after the TV program “COPS,” and it was titled “CHS Highway Patrol.” Vendengia and a friend of his, Chris Walker, were the cops who had separate vehicles. They were patrolling behind the McDonald’s located on W. Coalmine Avenue, east on S. Pierce St. In this video they find Veik and Harris beating up a person (dummy). Veik and Harris then pick up the “person” and throw him in the trunk of Harris’ car. The two are then chased by the “police officers” to Clement Park where they are stopped and arrested.

Carwax Infomercial Parody 
The next video was going to be filmed outside of Blackjack Pizza where Harris and Klebold work. It was going to be an infomercial about a car wax. in the skit, they used a bike. Vendengia was the consumer. Harris and Klebold were doing a demonstration, and they were dropping random objects on the bike. One scene included Harris with a crow bar and Klebold with a sledge hammer, completely demolishing the bike. Veik stated this production was never completed because they lost interest in the idea. A portion of this video was in fact filmed, but it was never a completed project.

Hitmen For Hire
Veik stated Harris and Klebold asked him to film a video for them that they needed in their Government Economics class. The assignment was to create a business. Harris and Klebold came up with the idea of being hitmen. The title of the video was “Hitman for Hire.” The original title was “Revenge for Hire.” In the video, Harris and Klebold were the hitmen. Veik was the victim, and Vendengia was the jock who was harassing Veik. Harris and Klebold used replicas of guns and spoke of killing in the video. Veik stated he never heard if this video was successful in the class Harris was doing it for.

Radioactive Clothing 
The last video that Eric Veik worked on with Harris and Klebold was titled “Radioactive Clothing.” This was approximately 16 minutes long, and was taken from the movie, “Vampires,” starring James Woods. Harris and Klebold were the stars in the video and they used replica weapons in the filming of it. This was for Mr. Taloccos’ class. The plot involved a small group of people going from town to town, stopping radioactive clothing from taking over the world. Harris’ character was “Tiger,” Veik played “Bowski”, and Vendengia played “Tex.” Veik stated the plot was written by Harris and Klebold. As they were filming, Veik noticed that the two were being extremely blunt. He asked them about it and they responded, “who cares, Taloccos is the only person that is going to see it, and he won’t care.” Harris was using military strategy in parts of this video. Veik stated that in the plot he and Vendengia get injured, and Harris and Klebold figure out a way to save them. The movie ends with a very large explosion from a house. This part of the video was created by using editing technology. Veik stated there were no explosives or live ammunition actually used in the video.


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