The first 7 infamous, deadly minutes in the library: 

At 11:29 a.m. the gunmen entered the school library yelling “Get up!” Some witnesses reported hearing one of them yell, “Everyone with a white cap or baseball cap, stand up.” Others reported hearing, “All jocks stand up. We’ll get the guys in white hats!” When no one stood up, a witness heard one of the gunmen say, “Fine, I’ll start shooting anyway.”

Harris fired shotgun rounds down the length of the front counter. Evan Todd, crouched behind a copier stand, was injured y flying wood splinters. 

The gunmen then walked through the library towards the west windows. Student Kyle Velasquez was the only student not hiding under a desk or table. Instead, he was sitting at the north computer table and was shot by Klebold as he walked by him to the windows. 

Harris and Klebold set down their backpacks, filled with ammunition and Molotov cocktails, on one of the computer tables and approached the library windows. Harris was down on one knee shooting out the west library windows toward law enforcement officers and fleeing students. Klebold subsequently positioned himself next to Harris and fired out the window as well. At this point, Klebold took off his tench coat. 

Also at this point, teacher Patricia Nielson, who initiated the 911 call from the library, dropped the phone and no further communication with the dispatcher occurred.

Klebold shot toward table 15 hitting Daniel Steepleton, Makai Hall and Patrick Ireland.  As Ireland was attempting to administer first aid, he was shot again. 

Meanwhile, Harris killed Steven Curnow, hiding under the south computer table, and wounded Kacey Reugsegger, crouched next to Steven. 

Harris walked over to table 19, where he bent down and saw two frightened girls.  He slapped the table top twice, said, “Peek-a-boo,” and fired, killing Cassie Bernall.  After shooting Cassie, Harris made a comment about hitting himself in the face.  Investigators believe Harris broke his nose as a result of the “kick” from the shotgun when he bent to fire under the table.

He then turned to Bree Pasquale who was sitting on the floor because there was not enough room under the nearby table.  Harris asked her if she wanted to die.  As the girl pleaded for her life, she observed blood flowing from his nose.  She later said that Harris seemed disoriented for a moment but was able to refocus when Klebold called his attention to table 16 under which two boys were hiding. One of the boys, Klebold announced, was black.  Bree also recalled Harris laughing and saying, “Everyone’s gonna die” and “We’re gonna blow up the school anyway.”

Harris and Klebold stood on opposite sides of table 16. Klebold, standing on the east side of the table, was heard making a racial comment and began grabbing at Isaiah Shoels in an effort to pull him out from underneath the table.  Harris fired under the table, killing Isaiah. Klebold fired under the table as well, killing Matthew Kechter.

Harris threw a small CO2 cartridge south which rolled under table 15. Makai Hall grabbed it and threw it further south away from everyone where it exploded. Witnesses next described Harris as moving south in the library to the west bookshelves where he jumped up on the shelves and began shaking them back and forth while swearing.  He then walked between the bookshelves where witnesses lost sight of him.  Witnesses did report hearing books being shot in the area near the west set of bookshelves shortly after Harris walked into that area.

Harris and Klebold left the west area of the library and walked east toward the entrance. 

Klebold shot out the display cabinet near the front door before he fired toward table 1, injuring Mark Kintgen. His attention then turned to table 2 and he fired under that table.  The first shot fired injured Valeen Schnurr and Lisa Kreutz.  Walking beside the table, Klebold proceeded to fire as fast as his gun would shoot, killing Lauren Townsend.

While Klebold was at table 2, Harris stopped near table 3 under which two girls were hiding.  He looked under the table and, upon seeing them, simply said, ”Pathetic,” and walked away. 

Valeen, who was critically hurt, began to cry, ”Oh God, help me.”  Klebold, who had shot her, came back and questioned her about her belief in God.  He then walked away.

Harris was seen stepping toward table 6 and firing under the table, injuring both Nicole Nowlen and John Tomlin. Tomlin came out from under the table and Klebold shot and killed him.

Harris walked around table 6 and shot and killed Kelly Fleming, who was near table 2 where three students had already been shot.  He then fired under table 2, again hitting Lauren Townsend  and Lisa Kreutz, and wounding Jeanna Park as well. 

Harris and Klebold left the library’s east area and entered the center section, reloading their weapons at table 13.

Harris, noticing a student under table 11, told him to identify himself.  The student, who was an acquaintance of Klebold, identified himself and asked Klebold what he was doing.  Klebold replied, ” Oh, just killing people.”  The student asked if Klebold was going to kill him.  Klebold told him to get out of the library, which he did.

While standing north of table 11, Harris shot under table 9, killing Daniel Mauser. 

Both then shot under table 14, injuring Jennifer Doyle and Austin Eubanks and killing Corey DePooter.  Corey was the last killed.  He was killed at 11:35.

Klebold and Harris walked north   toward the main counter of the library. Harris threw a Molotov cocktail toward the southwest side of the library.

The gunmen went behind the counter and had a confrontation with Evan Todd, who had moved under the counter after being injured. The gunmen taunted him and discussed whether or not to kill him.  They walked away instead and Klebold fired back into the ”kitchen” area of the library, striking a television.

Harris and Klebold were heard talking about going to the school's commons area. Klebold picked up a chair, threw it on top of a computer terminal on the main counter under which Nielson was hiding, and the two walked out of the library's main entrance into the hallway.  It was 11:36. Only 7 minutes had passed, the time it took the gunmen to shoot and kill ten people and wound 12 more.  There were a total of 56 people in the library.  The gunmen had enough ammunition to kill every single one of them, but they didn't.

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