Anonymous said:
why were 2 audios of the tapes released?

They leaked. There wouldn’t really be any meaning behind those specific audios being released, as these don’t show the listeners anything at all about the killers or the tapes in general, and there’s more bleeps than talking anyway. It just leaked without purpose, I guess. 

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Anonymous said:
wait, what's the saxophone thing with Eric? I'm dying to read it now.

I posted his saxophone music rant here. It’s a highly entertaining and funny read! 

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garlandmonroekelly said:
Was there actual leaked pictures of the Columbine victims at the crime scene in the early 2000's? I read that somewhere and i just wanted to know if it was true. I tried to pull it up again but I couldn't find where I had read it. Love the blog anyways. :)

Yes, there are some pictures out there showing some victims at the crime scene (news footage from outside the school only, so no pictures of library victims etc; except for Patrick Ireland who was wounded in the library and escaped through the window, all of which was aired live). For example Rachel Scott, Daniel Rohrbough and survivor Richard Castaldo had their bodies shown in pictures and other news footage from that day. As for close-ups of the dead bodies though (for example Rachel’s face) - those are fake. 
Thank you, darling. I greatly appreciate it. :)

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itsmidnight said:
Hey I just wanted to say, I didn't mean that I won't personally remember Columbine this Sunday. It was just I thought that maybe other people wouldn't. I'm really interested in Columbine, and I know whatever I do on Sunday, Columbine will always be on my mind. By the way thanks for the idea of lighting 15 candles, I think that's a beautiful gesture, to all the victims and Dylan and Eric. Anyway I just wanted to clear up my last question and wanted to say thanks for the idea of the candles.

I’m really glad that you were inspired by that gesture, as I personally like it a lot too. I think it’s a very nice way of honoring the memories of the deceased, and you can always have time for that no matter what you’ll be doing during that day. 
I understood that you meant that other people wouldn’t, but that you would, so don’t worry about being unclear in your latest message. You expressed yourself just fine. And thank you for showing your appreciation through your nice message; it made me happy to hear what you had to say. 

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Anonymous said:
i just re-read eric's journal entry about listening to saxophone music. do you know why he wrote about that? it was funny

It is really funny indeed! Eric had a great way with words and a lot of things he wrote/said have made me laugh a lot, including the saxophone-piece!
He actually wrote it while in school and somebody was performing with a saxophone in front of the students. So he didn’t write it down in his personal journal but in another notebook. 

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Anonymous said:
oh my gosh those jo mamma jokes are soo horrible that they're hilarious. eric was soo bad at jo mamma jokes, i hope he wasn't being serious bc they were actually terrible haha

Hahaha I know, right? But the jokes were actually meant to be awfully bad and the boys weren’t really serious writing them, luckily! 

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dylan-my-vodka said:
i celebrate Easter (despite being an Athiest) since i grew up in a Christian family. but i'm still going to be thinking about Columbine exceptionally more than Jesus, or whatever. every thought i have on Sunday will be Columbine-related for sure. i guess it all depends on the person, their family background and where their priorities are. you know?

Yeah, I know people who celebrate easter but without letting it come in the way of Columbine and its anniversary. I understood what the person who wrote the message meant, but I don’t believe that everybody who celebrates easter doesn’t think about Columbine or honor the memories of the ones who passed away that day (if you’re interested in or affected by the event, that is). How people celebrate easter varies a lot from person to person as well, and even if you celebrate easter traditionally, you can still keep Columbine in your thoughts. 4/20 does after all collide with another celebration every year - as all of us know - and you can combine them perfectly! :)

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Anonymous said:
Did Eric or Dylan believe in God, or any god of some sort? or an afterlife?

Eric described himself as agnostic. He did mention God at times in a non-religious ways, and he didn’t straight up deny the fact that some sort of God or higher power could exist, but he did however hate religion. What can also be seen is that he longed for a feeling of godlike superiority, like officially being above everyone else; but this was however grown from a strong feeling of inferiority. It was more of a defense mechanism than an actual feeling of Godliness. 
Dylan strongly believed in an afterlife; either as a life in another dimension or as a new life after the end of the one he lived now. He described wanting to be in a state of peace, of not being in war with himself and his soul, where he could be with his true love. He knew that he would be with his true love, whether it was in this life or another one. Being a God of some sort, something non-human, was something he also talked about frequently. He described himself as a God of sadness, of longing for humanity and not wanting his “godliness” etc. However, this godliness wasn’t what people generally describe a God as; he felt that the gods were the one superior to others (the “zombies”) and the ones who were at a completely other level of understanding and existing. So Dylan was strongly spiritual in his beliefs and his writings, but he didn’t seem to believe in a traditional, only God. 

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Anonymous said:
I was on vacation this past week and I was in a gift shop and you know those keychains that they sell that have names on them? There were two keychains that said "I <3 Dylan" and "I <3 Eric" and they were right next to each other and completely seperated from the rest of the keychains. At first I was like "what a coincidence" but it seems like too much to be a coincidence lol

Haha, really? I think there was a Columbiner there before you then. It does seem like too much to be a coincidence; but hell, what do I know? Some coincidences are crazy!

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itsmidnight said:
I don't know why but I feel like no one is really going to pay attention to the 15th anniversary on Sunday because it falls on Easter.

Yeah, I get what you mean. People who celebrate easter (I don’t and I never have) will most likely spend time with their families, decorating eggs or whatever it is people do that day, instead of remembering Columbine, even if they will - hopefully - still keep Columbine in their thoughts at least for some part of the day. I personally will still focus on Columbine that day as I don’t care about easter, and I will do what I always do to remember and praise the lives of the 15 people who lost their lives that day. My tip is that - even if you celebrate easter that day - that you’ll still do something small like light one candle or make a post here to honor the 15 beautiful people that died that day, 15 years ago. It doesn’t take too much energy or time but it is a nice gesture that I think is enough to show your respect towards the deceased, you know. People can do whatever they want to, though. :)

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misspennygoodman said:
I believe Eric wanted tattoos. If I'm not mistaken, he said it in that online survey. Do you think Dylan would have wanted any?

Yes, that is correct. Eric wanted tattoos in the future, as written in that survey. I think that Dylan wouldn’t mind getting one or two tattoos either, but I imagine him wanting something smaller, like a symbol or something, while I imagine Eric wanting bigger, more noticeable tattoos. That’s just my personal belief though. 

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Anonymous said:
Idk if you ever got this question, so I will ask it again. Do you think Eric or Dylan would've ever dated a religious girl? Do you think they would've minded it?

I don’t think that they would mind it as long as she wasn’t overly religious, or as long as she didn’t force her beliefs upon people/talk about them at all. If she just believed in God, that’d be fine by them, I think. They didn’t hate religious people specifically but religion itself. Dylan even grew up in a family where religion played a big role (as Sue was jewish and Tom was catholic, so they combined their religions in their home).

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Anonymous said:
did brooks want the tapes to be released?

If I remember correctly, he didn’t have anything against releasing them. He wanted the world to know what Eric and Dylan felt, what they thought and why they did what they did. The fact that the media put the blame on video games, music and so on angered him, so I think that he would definitely find benefit in them being released. 

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ericharrisblog said:
Alex my friend remember the bomb that acolumbinesite says that it was from Dylan's car and it was supposed to blow around 11am but it was programmed to detonated at 11pm. And we talk that was not true? I found out. it was a pipe bomb that had a striking match attached to it and the match ignited when it brushed against the trailer wall when the bomb technician lowered it into the bomb trailer. Cause of that other devices that were in the trailer exploded too. It was not one of Dylan's car bomb.

Oh yes, I do remember. Thank you so much for the information, Elsa! I knew that it detonated by accident at 11pm instead, because of the officers and how they handled it, but I didn’t know what happened exactly. :)

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Anonymous said:
Names of every gun used in shooting of columbine?

Eric’s weapons: 

  • Hi-Point model 995 carbine rifle
  • Sawed-off pump-action Savage-Springfield 67H shotgun

Dylan’s weapons: 

  • TEC-DC9 9-mm semi-automatic handgun
  • Double-barrel Savage 311-D sawed-off shotgun
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